How Jesus Loves: When the World Hates

Sermon Audio
Jesus prepares his disciples for the hatred and persecution they will face because of their association with Him. He reminds them of His sacrificial love and reassures them of His continued presence through the Holy Spirit. Jesus explains that the world hates Him and those who follow Him because His character and teachings expose the world's moral bankruptcy. He highlights the distinction between His followers and the world, as He has chosen them out of the world. Despite the challenges they will face, Jesus urges them to remain steadfast, promising the coming of the Holy Spirit to guide and empower them. The passage calls believers to be prepared for persecution, to examine their reasons for suffering, and to respond in a Christ-like manner. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining distinctiveness from the world while engaging with it, rejoicing in persecution, and testifying to the truth of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. The passage encourages believers to align their lives with the pattern of Jesus Christ and to find their identity and allegiance in him.

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