Adult Classes
Our adult classes focus on knowledge of God, the scriptures and practical discipleship. Classes meet each Sunday at 9:15 am.
Beginning June 4th | Room 115

Hard Questions

In our age, we often want answers to our questions about God that satisfy our intellectual curiosity but keep God at a distance (does it matter if God can create a rock that he can't lift?). But God presses in personally because he knows our needs. He knows we need him more than anything. In our most difficult moments with our most difficult questions, he provides more than just answers. The answers which God gives are not simple, but they do give us what we need: a deeper disclosure of the faithful God who loves us.

In that same spirit, we would love to walk through some questions together as a church, but we would like to know what questions are most important to you. Please use the form to anonymously submit your questions so we can make this class as relevant as possible.

Ask your question
Room 115

Sticky Faith

“Sticky Faith” is a parenting philosophy backed by research and practical ideas to help children and teens develop life-long faith. Through a compelling blend of real-life stories and interviews with parents, this five-week video curriculum introduces the latest national family research and provides a fresh, honest look into the ways in which we can support our kids’ faith as they grow.

Room 112

The Book of John

A verse-by-verse study though the gospel of John.