Mission and Values

As a church, we are called to carry out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

Love Jesus

We love God, growing in our knowledge of Him and living in worshipful obedience to His Word.

Reach People

We reach people by imitating Jesus, loving those who are broken and suffering, and by making disciples—proclaiming all of the teachings of Jesus to our families, our community, and our world.

Our Values


We believe that expository preaching is the most effective way to provide Biblical insight to the congregation. This does not preclude textual or topical sermons when appropriate.


We foster spiritual growth by studying God's Word together and through mutual encouragement and accountability.


We are called to pray as a primary means of God's transformative work in our own lives and in the world.


We consider fellowship – sharing ourselves, loving one another, and caring for brothers and sisters in need - to be a major binding force of our church.


We consider it essential that each one serve in the church and in the world, using their spiritual gifts to God’s glory and honor.

Salt and Light

We encourage congregants to love and engage in their community and sphere of influence, living their lives according to Christ's example and direction.