How Jesus Loves: Jesus Answers Prayer

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In this passage, Jesus promises his disciples that they will accomplish great things and that the gospel will spread throughout the world. He assures them that if they ask anything in his name, it will be done to glorify the Father. However, this doesn't mean they will always get what they want, as both Jesus and the Apostle Paul prayed for things that didn't happen. This highlights the power of Christ in weakness. The key to understanding this passage lies in the concept of praying in Jesus' name, which involves remaining in him, abiding in his character, and seeking his desires. It is not about us, but about Jesus and his accomplishments on our behalf. Prayer is primarily answered through the indwelling and infilling of the Holy Spirit, enabling us to fulfill God's mission. Praying in alignment with Jesus' purpose brings joy and glory to God. It is a transformative process that aligns our hearts with God's will and purposes in the world. Jesus encourages perseverance in prayer, seeking God's will, relying on Scripture, casting our burdens on him, and persisting in faith. Ultimately, praying for God's will to be done brings him the greatest glory and leads to our ultimate joy.

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