Worship With Us

Worship With Us

The Gathering Place prior to a service

Welcome to Cary Alliance Church! Our desire is that you feel welcome and loved as you visit us. We have a casual and relaxed atmosphere at CAC. Stop by our Coffee Bar for a coffee and pastry before joining us in the Worship Center. Read below to get an idea of what worshiping at our church is like as you plan your first visit with us. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!


Our  Discipleship and Fellowship hour starts at 9:15 a.m. and our worship service  begins at 10:30 a.m.


We are at 4108 Ten Ten Road in Apex, NC 27539.


Come as casual or as dressed up as you like. You will find both at our church. We want you to be comfortable and focused on worshiping God, so come as you are.


We have a guitar driven praise band that leads our worship in a dynamic, modern contemporary, yet diverse style that is relevant to our time and culture. More than musical style, we value singing rich theology that teaches Biblical truth as well as invites the Church to pour out their affections unto the Lord and become aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit. While much of our singing is made up of the contemporary songs that are blessing the church today, we also remember the timeless hymns that have shaped our worship for today, and sing those in a fresh way. We also sing songs written for our congregation. Some of us raise our hands joyfully, while some of us stand in calm reverence. Feel free to worship in a Biblical way as you feel led. You can check out the songs we sing through our Spotify playlist here.


Our sermons use expository preaching, tracking verse by verse through a book of the Bible, although a topical sermon might be preached for the right occasion. They last about 35 minutes. You can listen to our sermons here.


We would love to meet you! If you would like to find out more about Cary Alliance, you can fill out a visitor’s card in the service or contact us here and one of our pastors will get in touch with you. Are you interested in joining our church? We provide a Newcomer’s Class every few months taught by one of our pastors.


This is an opportunity to make discipleship, fellowship and worship your default for Sunday morning. Come at 9, say “hi” to some folks, drop off your kids and get a cup of coffee. Dig into the Word or watch and discuss a video on connecting with your kids. Meet with that person whom you haven’t seen in ages to walk the trail and pray, or just sit at one of the tables and ask how it’s going.  Perhaps invite one or more of the Elders to pray with you.  There is an adult Sunday School class that consistently does a Bible book study. There will now be a second class that is cyclical in nature, providing short, Biblically-based series that address topics such as Children and Family, Outreach, Personal Finances, or Hard Questions of the Faith. These series will be interspersed with other corporate prayer and worship opportunities, such as “Church-Wide Prayer,” or “Hymns and Homily.” There will also be classrooms available for small groups that may wish to meet. Further, we have tables at the front entrance and in the Gathering Area for people simply to fellowship over a hot drink, and there is a picnic table or the trail for those who want to meet outside or spend some time with others on a walk and prayer. And the opportunities go on.