Bible Delight - Learning to Love and Live Truth

Bible Delight - Learning to Love and Live Truth

Praying the Bible

The Bible is our textbook for living for the glory of God and for our good in this world.The Bible should also be our prayer book as our prayers are shaped by God’s word. By turning the Word of God into a prayer, we can pray in fresh ways and pray in a manner consistent with the will of God.

Treasuring the Bible

Filling our hearts with God’s Word is the first step in living for the glory of God, because when we sin we fall short of His glory. Let the Bible be our only rule for faith and practice, and let it be stored in our hearts, readily available to guide our lives.

Meditating on the Bible

In Psalm 119:36-37, the psalmist prays, “Turn my heart toward your statues… Turn my eyes away from worthless things…” The psalmist was asking God to give him a desire to ponder deeply the truths of God’s word. Meditating on God’s word should be a daily practice that fits between reading God’s word and talking to God in prayer about what we have read. Meditation prepares us to pray and fuels our love for God and His truth.

Read!, Meditate!, Pray!

In Luke 10:38-42, Mary sits at the feet of Jesus and humbly listens. Today we listen to Him by contemplating the Word of God. We need more of God, more of His truth, and more of His Holy Spirit in our lives. Our need is met as we read the Bible, ponder it deeply, depend on the Holy Spirit to guide us, and pray to God concerning what we read. May it not be said of us, “Ye do err, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God.

The Bible

Learning to Love and Live Truth. During the sermon he brings out three important aspects of the Bible: It is true, it is understandable, and it is valuable.