June 30, 2023

Day 5

We have been at Ninawachi now for almost 24 hours. For those that didn’t know Ninawachi is the name of the school here, not the name of the town. Although we are in the jungle, it is what the locals consider the start of the jungle. We are sure that we are in the jungle because we have received quite a bit of rain in the past 24 hours.  Some woke up from sleep last night because it was raining so hard  

Last night after a very competitive game of soccer we had dinner that consisted of pork, rice and salad. We then spent some time at the Hosá which means hut in Spanish. The Ecuador team sang a Here I am to Worship in Spanish and we led them in Amazing Grace. One of the students gave her testimony in Spanish and Gideon who is the site leader, translated for us. Liesl then gave her testimony in Spanish and Gideon also translated for our group.

This morning we had devotions and Chris Whary led a short message based on Mark 10:45. Afterwards we helped cleanup the site. Some chopped weeds with Machetes, which first had to be sharpened. The others cleaned out the chapel area which had some bat poop inside of it.   Some of us were happy to be able to wear our boots!

The site here has many different types of fruit trees within the campus. Some of these include Coffee, Orange, Lemon, Cocoa, Plantain, and Apple. One of the leaders named Fabricio helped find a ripe cocoa fruit, which is sweet to suck on but too bitter to eat. To make money they try to sell the cocoa beans. Fabricio also let us try eating some Lima fruit which is a combination of an orange and lemon.

This afternoon we will be going out into the community to do VBS. We appreciate your continued prayers.