June 30, 2023

Day 4

Thank you all for your prayers. We arrived safely and uneventful in Quito last night and had no problems getting all of our luggage. One of the summer missionaries named Jordan from Inca Link was tracking the arrival of our flight, so she met us at the airport to help us get situated.

The first step was to help us get on a van, and get our luggage loaded so that we could get over to our hostel that we would be staying at for the night. The name of the hostel was Hostal Amazónico. The pillows here were probably the firmest pillows we had ever slept on! Fortunately nobody woke up with a sore neck!

The group continues to make friends. Stefanie and I had a nice conversation with a lady from Ruth this morning. Afterwards Ruth sent Stefanie a friend request on Facebook. After breakfast the kids made friends with 2 girls and they had the cutest puppy which they let us pet. We are now on the hilly and windy (sounds like wine-dy) road ride to Ninawachi. Before getting into the van, Jordan had to ask if anyone easily gets carsick.

The weather today started off sunny and everyone was blown away with the beautiful, mountainous countryside of Ecuador including numerous waterfalls that fed into rivers that are rapidly flowing. As we continued driving through the mountains we drove through many clouds and the weather changed back and forth from sunny to rainy and foggy.

Sooo, the great news is that we are here in Ninawachi! The team has already introduced themselves and have anxiously awaiting for us. They have already invited us out to play soccer. We should get more details from the team later on about where we will be serving. We are all excited about how God is going to use us and work through us. Thank you for your continued prayer.