June 27, 2023

Day 2

Tuesday – 11:00am

Everyone is currently doing an extended quiet time focusing on 1 Kings 19 when the Lord spoke to Elijah through a gentle whisper. “What does the Lord want to teach us as a group and as individuals?”

We talked about waiting on the Lord a lot yesterday: Abraham & Sarah, the bleeding woman, the man stuck at the pool, Israel, Joseph, etc. God’s timing is always perfect and His ways are always good. We need to trust Him. “God will often do something in you before He will do something through you!” I’m wondering if God may be teaching something that we wouldn’t learn any other way while conforming us more into the image of Christ.

We, as leaders, have laughed at ourselves and at good meaning folks back home. We all have desperately been trying to fix everything about a situation. “Did you talk to so and so”, “have you called customer service”, “did you try the red phone in the terminal”, etc. Please trust us that we have tried everything. Maybe God has something in this situation that we need. In the meantime, we’ve also read Acts chapter 1. Jesus has been resurrected, He’s shown his scars, the disciples are full of faith now…they are so ready to tell the world about Him. But then He says, “wait”. What did they do as they waited? They practiced fellowship(13-14), faith, prayer (14) and looking into Scriptures (15-16).

So…we are doing Bible study, having fellowship time, praying, and having faith! We are also having a blast being together…fun, games, laughter, excitement. We are practicing our elements of VBS so that we can be better prepared and confident. We also know that our time on the ground will be shorter, so we are ready to make every moment count. And we have faith that our impact in these “shorter” moments will be more powerful because God is continuing to fill us and empower us.