August 24, 2014

Questions to Answer while Meditating

Asking the right questions can help us seriously meditate on a passage of Scripture. Here are some questions that have been widely used by Christians for many years. No passage will answer all these questions but every passage will answer at least a few.

  • What does the passage teach me about the character and ways of God?
  • What does it teach me about Jesus and about the Holy Spirit?
  • Are there any commands to obey, promises to claim, warnings to heed, examples to follow or avoid, sins to confess?
  • What does this passage say about right and wrong – good and bad – and about relationships and human struggles?
  • What does it teach me about my heart and my purpose in life and how to make decisions?
  • How does this passage help my understanding and critique my culture?
  • Are there any words of adoration, praise, gratitude for me to echo?