July 12, 2023

Is God Still Just?

Nathaniel Cooley

Introduction to Hard Questions

There are two main themes of this class I want to go over.

Hard Questions are difficult to answer

Finer points of Scripture, Doctrine, Philosophy, Science, or Politics – none of is an expert. If we
were experts, I doubt any of us would claim to know everything as if often with any kind of
study, we find what we don’t know or can’t know more than we find what we do know. This
means that as we offer you the results of what we’ve study, we offer first our humility.

Hard Questions are difficult to ask

Sometimes it’s just something that bothers you, but you can’t explain it. At other times, it’s an
actual struggle with doubt – a crisis of faith. Some are not bothered by difficult questions at all
and are quite settled in their faith. All of this is ok. God doesn’t love us less because we have
doubts or we don’t struggle with doubt at all. It might seem that Christians have it all figured
out – we don’t. With humility, there is also love. We seek answers together without judgment.
We are grateful that you have asked, and we look forward to getting to know Jesus better
through this class.

Back to the Topic: Is God Still Just?

The way the Bible tells the story, God seems angry at a lot of things. While we humans can
forgive slights easily, God seems to hold to grudges. Does God have a right to demand
perfection or to hold something like Adam’s guilt against them.
Framework: Responsibility vs Ability


1. Accountability to a Higher Authority

Example: American Rule of Law

Example: Suzerain Treaty

2. Liability to the consequences of your actions



There are real limits to human ability:

Example: Law of unintentional manslaughter

Example: forced to rob a bank

Ability can also be affected by the position of authority that you possess.