July 28, 2014

Are You Reading the Word?

Thomas Becker

Last Sunday, we heard some startling statistics: on any given day, about 85% of believers have not spent time in the Scriptures; and over the course of any given week, about 68% have not been in the Word at all.  I think we would do well to personalize the question.  Ask yourself, “Where do I fit in those numbers?” Not “where do I want to?”  or “where do I pretend to?” or “where will I be when life settles down?,” but in all honesty, “What is my current practice?”

Pastor Gregory urged us not to read because we have to (as if it’s a law) or feel like we ought to (as if it’s a burden) but because we need and long to.  How often do we deal with difficult questions, how often do we face temptation, how often do we depend on God’s grace just to make it through? Every day.  Let us, then, cultivate a practice of being in the Word daily.

A good place to start – today – is by following the schedule in this blog and coming back every Monday for the week’s readings.  Join the rest of the congregation on a journey of reading and meditating on those holy words that are, to our souls, food and drink; and may they be for us “sweeter than honeycomb.”