Sermons from May 2016

Sermons from May 2016

Is Anyone Among You Sick?

How do we respond to suffering and sickness? James 5:13-18 gives instructions that center around expressing our faith in obedience. We are to follow the command of Scriptures to pray for forgiveness and healing, all the while, submitting ourselves to the sovereignty of God.

A Meditation on the Gospel

Romans 8 begins with the promise of “no condemnation” and ends with the promise of “no separation.” God demonstrated His love for us by sending Jesus into the world to pay the penalty for our sin and save us from condemnation. When we believe in Him and ask for His forgiveness, we are forever His. Nothing can ever separate us from His love.

Being Sensitive to the Holy Spirit

Do we ask God to guide us before we forge ahead with our own plans? The Holy Spirit who lives in us may be telling us, “No, there is a better plan for you.” If God says “Yes” let us move ahead without hesitation.

Treasuring the Bible

Filling our hearts with God’s Word is the first step in living for the glory of God, because when we sin we fall short of His glory. Let the Bible be our only rule for faith and practice, and let it be stored in our hearts, readily available to guide our lives.

Out of the Depths

The writer of Psalm 130 does not take the mercy of God for granted. His heart is overwhelmed by a flood of guilt and sin before a holy God. Like the psalmist, we can find that God’s forgiveness is total and freely available today if we confess our sin and cry out to Him.