Sermons from January 2016

Sermons from January 2016

Praise at Midnight

Are we living out our faith in such a way that we bear the repercussions of living and sharing the Gospel? Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown in jail, but they were able to worship and praise God because they expected to suffer persecution, and they knew that their situation and served to advance the cause of Christ. Their concern for the new believers at Philippi and their commitment to the advance of the Gospel was the outpouring of a life tuned to the will of Christ.

Sing His Praise

We were created to live a life of praise. Praise is our chief end and is our highest priority and privilege. The Song of Moses at the Red Sea in Exodus 15 is an example of how praise should be our response to the salvation, character, uniqueness, and promises of God.

Praise Him Forever and Everyday

In Psalm 145, David is resolved to live a praise saturated life every day. His praise is fueled by great thoughts about God. When we extol God, we elevate Him to a high place in our thinking and view Him as glorious. In response to God’s transcendence, David humbly praises God for His attributes and His acts.