"love" Tagged Sermons

"love" Tagged Sermons

Colossians study

Christlike Virtues

Spiritual clothing matters—we are to clothe ourselves with the virtues listed in Colossians 3:12-14 imitating the character of Jesus Christ before a watching world. We do this because of who we are in Christ: “God’s chosen ones, holy and dearly loved,” enabled by the Holy Spirit. Our position in Christ serves both as a motivation to display these virtues and also as a source of hopefulness that we will be able to follow Jesus in this way.
Bread and Cup

Amazing Grace

Grace is undeserved, unearned redeeming love and forgiveness. God’s forgiving grace is eternal and irreversible.
Colossians study

Faith, Love and Hope

Pastor Gregory explains how the apostle Paul is filled with gratitude to God for what God is doing in the lives of all the saints in Colossae. Paul points out three areas for his thankfulness. He is thankful for: their faith in Christ Jesus, their love for all the saints, and the hope that is laid up for them in heaven. Gratitude should be a distinguishing characteristic in the life of a believer.
John 3:16

Amazing Love

John 3:16 expresses the depth of God’s great love for us. The holy self-existent God who holds us accountable loved the world: all of humanity. In love He gave His Son, Emmanuel, God with us, to die as a substitutionary sacrifice and pay the penalty for our sins. Jesus calls us to trust and believe in Him so that we might not perish but find everlasting life.
That you may Believe - The Upper Room Discourse

In My Father’s House

In John 14, Jesus comforts His disciples and explains to them how to live for his glory in this world. He encourages them to believe in Him and to trust in the promise of heaven. Heaven is a real place, available to all who believe in the Gospel. It is our eternal home, a place filled with joy and love. There we will be with Jesus “…at home with the Lord.”

Our Loving God

On the cross, the wrath of God was satisfied and the love of God was magnified. God was not take by surprise; rather “God did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all.” The fulfillment of many prophecies during the crucifixion underscores that Jesus was the one sent by God’s foreknowledge and plan to take away the sin of the world. So they took Jesus, and he went out, bearing his own cross, to the place…

The Love of Christ Compels Me

Paul was a zealous man, first trying to destroy the spread of Christianity, later serving Christ with an equal amount of zeal. His life changed after a personal encounter withe the living Christ. In 2 Corinthians 5 Paul reminds the Corinthians that when we embrace the truth that Christ died to pay the penalty for our sins, our old life dies. We are to now zealously live not for ourselves, but for our Redeemer. The love of Christ compels us to serve him with all that we are.

Why I Love Jesus More

How can we love Jesus more? Thomas shares a few of the ways that he has seen the power of the gospel at work transforming the lives of people and how that has caused both praise and thanksgiving to our Savior to be built up within his own soul.

Loving Jesus Extravagantly

Pastor Gregory explores the story of Mary and her lavish love as she pours expensive perfume over the feet of Jesus just days before his crucifixion. But this is not the complete story, there is more.

Loving Jesus Means Listening to Him

We only know a small amount of what occurred during the transfiguration of Jesus when his glory, holiness, and deity were allowed to peek through his humanness and to be seen for a moment. In the transfiguration Jesus is revealed as infinitely glorious, and He is to be heard. God said, “This is my beloved Son; listen to him.”

The Great Commandment

What is God’s greatest purpose for his people? Of all the laws and commands within scripture, which command is the most important? Pastor Gregory explores the greatest commandment.

Loving Jesus More

Is your love for Jesus increasing more and more each day? With today’s message we start on a journey to learn how we might love Jesus more.


Have you ever wondered why difficult things happen to you? Difficult trials are inevitable in this life because we are a fallen people living in a fallen world. Pastor Becker explains how God provides us with everything we need to reach the glory God has in mind for his children.