Pastors' Blogs

Pastors' Blogs

Prayer Time with International Workers

The prayer time with our international workers is Thursday, February 18, at noon. Please remember to bring your own lunch and please indicate the number of people attending from your family.

Cast Your Anxiety

Pastor Roger shares how though the worries of the world can try to weigh you down, God wants us to give them to Him.

Greater Works than Jesus

Check out the latest vlog in Pastor Mitchell’s series where he dives into the stunning promise from Jesus in the upper room on how we will do greater works than He.

Jesus is the Way

Check out this third vlog in Pastor Mitchell’s series as he dives into how Jesus is the way, the truth, and life.

Communion Sunday

Dear church family, First, a bit of news about this Sunday – It will be communion Sunday! We are so looking forward to sharing in the Lord’s table together. It is an remembrance of what the Lord has done for us, a living and visual proclamation of the Gospel, and a manifestation of the unity of the body of Christ. We want as many of us as possible to be able to participate in as safe a manner as possible,…

Pastors’ Briefing -July 17, 2020

Dear church family, Once again, thank you for so many ways that you are being the body of Christ for each other, and being a light to the world. We continue to hear about phone calls, visits, Gospel opportunities, small group meetings, and so many other ways that you are loving and serving. I personally am so blessed to be a part of Cary Alliance. We are the Church, and Jesus is Lord of the Church! Lots of good and…

Pray for July 26th

Dear Church family, Thank you for being the church during these trying times. I have rejoiced at stories of people being led to Jesus, small groups meeting for prayer and encouragement, shut-ins receiving caring and loving phone-calls, and the Lord’s provision of grace, comfort, and healing. Children have been ministered to on-line, youth have begun to meet in appropriate ways, and the life and mission of the church continues, even as we have not been meeting in person. Thank you…

Church and Race

A message from your pastors and Elders about the Church and race Dear Church family,  Several events of the last few weeks have brought the question of racism to the forefront. This is an important conversation, and while we don’t wish to offer political interpretations of these events, we do feel like it is important to speak unequivocally about what the Bible has to say. Jesus was born into a world rife with hate, into a people downtrodden and despised.…

CAC Update

Dear church family, Thank you. I personally am so blessed and encouraged. What I’m talking about is the love and faithfulness of our church family. Later in this e-mail we talk a little bit about giving, but I just want to start out with thanks for being the body of Christ: So many have worked so hard to re-orient their ministries during these days. So often I hear about phone calls, yard visits, and cards sent out. Or about loving…