Kingdom Come

CAC Worship
Danny Brymer

Verse 1

O I’ve often wondered how it would be
When the Savior would come here to reign
Would He be the king that we’ve hungered to see
To bring days of David again

Verse 2

But the throne of a manger and robe of His rags
Is not how I pictured our King
Of court of poor shepherds, what ruler would brag
For this did the bright angels sing

Prechorus 1

And now I could be saddened and so underwhelmed
After I had awaited Him long
But this infant Messiah from far past our realm
He has been in the scrolls all along


He is wonderful counselor, mighty God

Verse 3

Beyond all the troubles we suffer at hand
Is an enemy we cannot see
While we craved the blood of the thieves of our land
To rule them could not set us free

Prechorus 2

And to count all the kings that have reigned on this earth
Reminder of our looming death
But as I stand here to witness the lowliest birth
True life it has come with His breath


He is wonderful counselor, mighty God
He's the everlasting Father, prince of peace

Chorus B

For unto us a child is born
Unto us a Son is given
And the government shall be upon
Upon His shoulders
And His kingdom come shall have no end


He shall live
He shall die
He shall rise again lifted on High
He shall come
On the clouds
As the knees of all nations will bow
And His kingdom come shall have no end