Come and See

CAC Worship
Danny Brymer

Verse 1

How many are the wonders God has done

To just a fraction nothing else compares

To count them would surpass the highest sum

With endless glories yet to be declared



And I, I cannot be silent

No I, I will not be silent



Come and see (come and see)

Come and hear (come and hear)

Come and taste

Of what our God has done

Come rejoice (come and rejoice)

Come delight (come and delight)

Come believe

In what our God has done


Verse 2

He heard us when we called upon His name

He turned the oceans into solid ground

His faithfulness will yet remain the same

And joy through deepest valleys will abound



He is our King

He is our Lord

He is our God

Give Him highest of praise

Our saving grace

Our deepest friend

Our Solid Rock

Give Him highest of praise



Come see what God has done

This is what God has done