John 6: 1-15

John 6: 1-15

The passage for this Sunday is John 6:1-15.

I hope providing the passage for Sunday’s sermon each Friday is helpful for you. Remember my purpose is two-fold. First, knowing the passage gives you the opportunity to meditate on it to the point of expectation of what will be preached. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will take your thoughts in a direction different from the theme of the sermon. This certainly means even more spiritual food for thought.

Second, knowing the sermon text can guide how you pray for your fellow worshiping Christians and how to pray for the success of the gospel in the lives of all outside of Christ. Pray the passage for the people who will gather to hear it preached.

This Sunday we will focus on the miracle of Jesus feeding the five thousand. Did you know that, other than Jesus’ resurrection, this is the only miracle recorded in all four Gospels? Did you know that Jesus actually fed more than 5000 when he performed this sign? One lesson we learn is that Jesus’ resources are without limit; he can meet all our needs and there will be leftovers

John 5:1-15