How do I Give?

How do I Give?

There are multiple ways to support the ministries of Cary Alliance Church.

In person or by mail

Many at Cary Alliance church contribute by placing cash or checks in the offering plate as it is passed each Sunday. If this is your preferred method for regular giving, you can request giving envelopes which are assigned a number strictly for your use. Using giving envelopes helps to ensure your privacy. If you can’t come to a worship service and would like to mail a check to the church, that works as well.

Online bill pay

The most beneficial way for anyone to contribute online is by using the bill pay option through their own bank. By adding Cary Alliance Church as a company to pay, you can request that a check, drawn on your account, be sent to Cary Alliance Church. Use the memo section to note where you would like your contribution to be directed.

This is the preferred online giving method as it is the most secure and is free. Transactions are initiated at your bank and there are no fees for the giver or the church.

Online giving options

Clicking on the link below will direct you to our online giving portal. Gifts can be made directly from your checking account (ACH transaction), or by credit or debit card. Your contribution can be directed to three different funds per contribution. If you desire to contribute to more than three funds, you will need to create an additional contribution transaction.

Contributions made through the Online Giving Portal incur a percentage and transaction fee. Please consider increasing your gift by 2-3 percent to help offset these fees.

Estate gifts

Many people plan to leave a portion of their estate to non-profit organizations. The Alliance has qualified individuals who are available to speak with you about this option. Or, you can discuss with your financial advisor how to leave a legacy gift to Cary Alliance Church.

Stock and non-cash gifts

If you are interested in making a stock or other non-cash donation, please contact the church treasurer, Treasurer [at] caryalliance [dot] org, or Pastor Becker for more information.