Where do I Give?

Where do I Give?

All giving to Cary Alliance Church supports the local and worldwide advance of the gospel through various ministries of Cary Alliance Church and The Alliance. Most people direct their gifts to one of these four funds

General Fund

Your giving to the Cary Alliance Church General Fund supports the local ministry of Cary Alliance Church: children’s and youth ministries, MOPS, utilities, salaries, health insurance, grounds keeping, and more – it takes a lot to run a church. All of these serve to grow disciples in our local community. Without faithful and generous giving to the General Fund, Cary Alliance could not exist.

Building Fund

Our beautiful facility was built in 2008 with 2.15 million dollars of debt. We have enjoyed  12 years of growth and ministry here and have been able to pay slightly more than half of that debt. Your faithful giving to the building fund will allow us to use more of our resources for ministry and to plan future growth.

Great Commission Fund

This fund is used by The Alliance to support missions work around the world. When you give to this fund you support gospel preaching, teaching, discipleship, and church planting all over the world. The Alliance currently supports 781 international workers in 67 countries, most of whom are in the spiritually darkest and most difficult places in the world.

Deacons’ Fund

Our Deacons use this fund to minister to the needy within both the church and the community. Each year the unemployed, widowed, and homeless have all received significant help. Currently, this ministry is well funded. When needs arise, God’s people respond.