What is Here for Families?

What is Here for Families?

CAC Families
CAC Families

Raising a family can be both joyful and challenging. At Cary Alliance Church (CAC) our goal is to assist you in building a God-centered family structure with joy filled relationships. CAC offers a wide variety of ministries for new couples and parents that include pre-marital counseling and marriage preparation classes, child dedications, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and specialized small groups for parents. In addition to these ministries CAC offers many programs for your children.

We aim to engage children and families with Scripture from infancy through the teenage years and beyond. In all our ministries, we are committed to your child’s safety and security, with secure electronic check-in and a safety and security team in place during our Sunday services.

Infants are a precious gift from God. Utterly defenseless and entirely reliant on their parents for their wellbeing, infants are a picture of the new Christian who must rely on God for his wellbeing. Infants give us a real picture of our spiritual status before God the Father.

The Nursery is a safe place for children from infancy until age 3 to stay, play, be prayed over, hear hymns and other spiritual songs, and be blessed by the ministry of our loving volunteers. While the youngest children cannot talk or sing, they do respond to the sights and sounds around them and very quickly learn that Church is a place where they are safe and loved.

Children’s Sunday School and Junior Church
Children’s Sunday School is a weekly opportunity for the church to supplement the parents’ teaching about God and His Good News and to reinforce the truths of the Bible. While parents share fellowship and learning under their teachers, children are learning as well! Children of different ages learn differently and we have been blessed with a number of teachers who love teaching the Word of God to kids of all ages!

Those parents who so choose may leave their children up to kindergarten in their classrooms during the worship service where they will participate in Children’s Church, an hour-long program designed to reinforce the lessons of Sunday School with more crafts, games, songs, prayer time, and outdoor playtime.

During the months of September-May children in grades 1st-5th may attend the regular service or attend Junior Church where they will participate in another Bible lesson different from the one they learned in Sunday School. Junior Church meets concurrently with the adult service. Children attend the worship service with their family during the summer months.

Children’s Activities and Sports
There are many opportunities for children to become a part of activities and clubs in which they can have a great time learning about God and having fun together. The Joyful Singers are a children’s choir for elementary children K-5 and meets on Wednesday evenings. Awana Clubs for boys and girls (age 3-8th grade) meet on Sunday nights during the school year.

Youth Ministries
Youth activities include small groups for girls and boys, Bible quizzing, winter ski trips, retreats, overnight activities at the church, trips to concerts, and opportunities to serve others on mission trips. Every three years our youth have the opportunity to experience LIFE, a nationwide youth conference. The next opportunity to attend this conference will be LIFE 2019.

Summer Ministries
Cary Alliance offers a range of summer activities that change each year. Previous summer events have included Backyard Bible Clubs, Vacation Bible School, Music Camp, Cooking Camp, and Science Camp. Some events are evangelistic, intended to reach children with the Gospel of Christ for the first time, while others are designed as avenues for discipleship and Christian education. Look for information about upcoming summer activities every spring.