Posts from March 2017

Posts from March 2017

John 6: 1-15

The passage for this Sunday is John 6:1-15. I hope providing the passage for Sunday’s sermon each Friday is helpful for you. Remember my purpose is two-fold. First, knowing the passage gives you the opportunity to meditate on it to the point of expectation of what will be preached. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will take your thoughts in a direction different from the theme of the sermon. This certainly means even more spiritual food for thought. Second, knowing the sermon…

John 5:1-15

The purpose of John’s gospel, as I’ve said numerous times in the pulpit, has to do with faith. In chapter 20 verses 30-31, after talking about the signs (miracles Jesus performed), John tells us he wants us to believe that that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. He writes to bring us to faith, to create faith in us. Once we come to faith, he longs for our faith to mature, to deepen, to be strengthened. Let’s pray…

John 4:46-54

Faith means taking Jesus at His word. The story of Jesus healing the noble man’s son underscores this truth for us. Such faith has the ability to impact our entire family if we will talk about Jesus. Please read John 4:46-54 in preparation for Sunday. Ask the Lord to increase our faith in His word and especially his promises.

John 2:1-12

This week we begin a new series within the Gospel of John Project, called “Signs of the Savior.” This is a series about the miracles of Jesus. Perhaps you have thought about the various reasons that Jesus did the things He did. In our world today, no less than in Jesus’ time, people long for signs and miracles. Like many hungers of the soul, this longing in the end should point us back to Jesus only. And like many hungers…